30th May 2017

How we pair wines with our seasonal menus?

Pairing the right wine with food enhances the characteristics and flavour of both the wine and the food – the wrong pairing can ruin the dining experience. When pairing wine our experts take note of the grape variety, body, flavour, acidity and alcohol content and the dominating flavours of the food.

In general it makes sense to pair wines with foods that have similar characteristics.  From the vast selection of wines available at Farmers & Fletchers in the City, our expert has selected La Brouette Blanc, Sauvingnon Blanc & Colombard Cotes de Gascogne, 2015 as the perfect wine to go with our seasonal ingredient, asparagus.

This wine was selected because “the characteristics of La Brouette Blanc, Sauvingnon Blanc & Colombard 2015 are lemon, green apple and hints of stone fruit combined with vibrant and zesty acidity.  The crispness of the wine will go incredibly well with asparagus” and is priced at £20.50 plus VAT per bottle.

Producteurs Plaimont who produce the wine are based in the village Saint-Mont in south west France and are one of Gascony’s foremost wineries. They produce consistently high quality wines at exceptional prices.  Producteurs Plaimont was founded in 1979 by a group of like-minded wine growers who respect tradition and innovation. Ancient grape varieties have been resurrected, old vineyards restored, new ones planted and environmentally sustainable practices embraced.



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