8th February 2017

February’s Wine of the Month and Wine and Food Pairing

Each month we will be featuring our wine of the month and telling you why it is our choice. We’ll tell you which dish from our seasonal menu we would pair it with. We will also share a little of our wine knowledge with you so you can make informed choices when dining with us. If you want someone else to choose we are always happy to make wine and food pairing suggestions and can design a whole menu with accompanying wines for you. Alternatively just ask for a copy of our extensive wine list, there is something to suit all tastes and palates.

So let’s take a look as February’s featured wine:

Domaine Jean Becker Riesling Reserve 2014 from Alsace in France

This month’s offer price is *£24.40 a bottle (plus VAT)
*when purchased with lunch/dinner at the hall

Alsace is in the far north-eastern corner of France, sitting on the Rhine River across from Germany. Alsace is sheltered by the Vosges Mountains and has a sunny, dry mesoclimate which gives Alsace Riesling its own individual style, richer and more generous than those made in Germany.

We would pair Domaine Jean Becker Riesling 2014 with a fish starter from our winter menu, our house smoked salmon fillet with potato and heritage beetroot salad, capers, Hereford mustard and dill dressing (please note that we smoke our salmon in house).  The dry citrus notes of the Riesling will complement this dish really well and the natural acidity of the Riesling grape in particular works very well with the fat content of salmon.

When choosing a wine to pair with smoked salmon it is best suited to off dry, lower alcohol wines. A Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Chenin Blanc or well made White Zinfandel are good choices as they soften and round the smoke flavours and balances out the salt content.



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