The farmers and food producers of Great Britain work hand in glove with the seasons. The changing rhythms of the calendar dictate and inspire their world in a never-ending cycle. The planting, growing and harvesting of crops mark the unmistakeable coming and passing of the seasons – as do the special months associated with the birth of new life, lambing and game.

Great British tradition

In just the same way, it’s always been a Great British tradition to use seasonal food to celebrate the arrival of each new season. Lamb at Easter, fresh vegetables at harvest time and pumpkins for Halloween. Turkey, sprouts, parsnips and mulled wine at Christmas and in winter. They’re deep in our national psyche, and inseparable from the festivals and rituals we celebrate. Seasonal food is quite literally cooked into the stories we tell and the memories we create.

Dining with the seasons

Celebrating the very best of seasonal food is a tradition we’re proud to uphold at Farmers & Fletchers In the City. Dining with the seasons means we continue to support British farming and fishing by making the best possible use of the changing variety of meat, game, fish, fruit and vegetables that comes from our own farms, shores and local suppliers.



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